July 2011
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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MBB Radio Show 6-11-2011


Hour 1

duquesneThis week - Jeff Talks with Kathy Rebholz who is an academic advisor at Duquesne University about a new “Bachelor of Science Degree in Humane Leadership.” What can you do with this degree? Well, many in the non-profit pet world know exactly what to do and are doing it! Great Degree to pursue if you are looking to change careers or just find a new one! Also Dr. Pamela Fisher is a Holistic Veterinarian and she joins Jeff for the Vet Topic of the Week and The Rescue segment also to talk about therapeutic music tests that are going to be happening in shelters to see if the music really does soothe the animals that are in a bad situation. Also check out the rescue animal mp3 project!

Hour 2

puppyincatfamilyAuthor Jackie Sonnenberg joins Jeff to talk about her new book that was released in April “How to Raise Your New Puppy in a Cat Family.” Have a cat but want to bring a pup into the mix or do you want to adopt one of each? Well here is a great book for Summer Reading! Also we continue our series with Dr. Patrick Mahaney on his trip to Peru. Ever wonder what the local fare is at their “outdoor ” markets? Well he will tell us. Summer heat is upon us and Jeff gives a few reminders about the heat and some of the tell “tail” signs he has already seen with Butch on how the heat takes its toll. Horse Virus Herpes-1 spreading in western states closed Horse Competitions across the country to curtail this serious problem also Letter Carriers, and Meter readers for the Gas and Electric Companies are out and around our homes. Make sure your pet does not pose a threat to these great people trying to do their jobs!

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