March 2012
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 2-18-2012


natgeoHour 1 – Dean Potter is one of the world’s most renowned rock climbers, adventurers, and nature enthusiasts who leaps off of cliffs and mountains while wearing a special “wingsuit” that enables him to soar like a bird before deploying a parachute to land. Now, Dean’s latest adventure, leaping off of Canada’s Mount Butte, a 9000 foot granite wall on the Pacific coast…after climbing it of course, and National Geographic Channel’s Explorer has covered it all. Dean joins Jeff to talk about this adventure and what he had to do to prepare for it. Also Dr. Patrick Mahaney joins Jeff to talk about a severely abused Pittbull and how it was nursed back to health but the story does not stop there! Now entities are fighting over the Intellectual property rights of the dog…where does the greed end UNBELIEVABLE! Also product review of Earth Heart Inc.’s “Canine Calm.”

Hour 2 – The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was this past week on Monday and Tuesday. Cindy Vogels was chosen to be the “Best in Show” judge for this historic event and Jeff had the chance to speak to Cindy about this honor and her background at the annual press conference call. TV host and friend of the My Buddy Butch Show David Frei also attended the call and Jeff had the opportunity to speak with him also and stirred up an unintended hornet’s nest! Jeff gives a rundown on the finalists, the AKC definition of the seven groups, and a congrats to the winner!

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