March 2012
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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My Buddy Butch Show 2-25-2012



Hour 1 – Scott Hunt is co-owner of “Practical Preppers” which is a company that specializes in determining how preparred an individual is in the event of a disaster. Scott was one of the experts that provided his extensive knowledge for the National Geographic Channel’s show “Doomsday Preppers.” This is becoming quite the topic these days and Scott tells Jeff about some of the people he has talked to about this subject. Shame on us if we don’t start getting prepared and something bad hits. Jeff talks about a recent cooking project in trying to cook dinner for Butch from groceries bought on his regular weekly trip. He also gives an easy to make recipe and suprizingly enough Butch actually LOVED IT! With the recalls on jerky made in China Jeff also ventured once again into the jerky realm and tells you how to do it with some things in your kitchen and your oven. News and announcements.


Hour 2 – Dr. Patrick Mahaney of California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness, our “Vet to the Stars” in Hollywood joins Jeff to talk about his trip to the Westminster Dog Show in New York. Every year there seems to be something new going on and since Jeff could not make the trip this year for their annual breakfast meeting, Dr. Patrick carried the mantle of reporting his findings. Naturally the 6 newly introduced breeds were a big hit and Dr. Patrick was able to attend some of the additional functions, even the ….fashion show? Also, during the period where Butch was in peril the past month Jeff had the opportunity to talk with one of Butch’s Veterinarians Dr. Troy Larson in detail about some of the traveling that he has done over the years and his most recent mission trip to Brazil. Dr. Troy, along with his Church group, travel around the world on mission trips helping children and people from all walks of life. Dr. Troy Larson and Dr. David Soehnlen of Soehnlen’s Veterinary Clinic are the two people responsible for literally saving Butch’s life as Jeff really thought he was going to have to put him down! News and Announcements.

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