November 2021
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #65 – Kyla Duffy of Happy Tails Books – National Dog Show Interviews – April Horowitz of Heart of a Horse Rescue – Dr. Patrick Mahaney With The Weekly Vet Topic Canine Immune System – Tina Lambert with An A Cappella Noel


Helping Rescues with donations from their book sales!

Kyla Duffy joins us to talk about “Happy Tails Books” in Colorado and the work they are doing donating to rescues around the country from the sales of their books. Beginning in Spring of 2009 they have already been able to donate over [...]

Show #63 – Thanksgiving Eve Special with David Frei, John O’Hurley – National Dog Show PreShow Interviews with John Miller and Tiffany Simons of NBC Sports – Dr. Jo-Anne Dixon of The Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley in Idaho- Dr. Patrick Mahaney and Dr. Donna Spector With The Weekly Vet Topics, Dog Show Contestant Interviews


TAAA! DAAA! Well it just figures, all the prep and all the work only to have a piece of equipment fry on us during the first few seconds of the show! Well we forged ahead anyway! Now if you listened to the show you heard the echo so [...]

Show #61 – Sherry Woodard of National Geographic’s Dogtown -Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society Shelter of the Week – National Dog Show Update – Dr. Patrick Mahaney With The Weekly Vet Topic “Dog Show Prep 101!”

Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviorist for "Best Friends Animal Sanctuary"

Sherry Woodard has probably forgot more information about animal behavior than most of us will ever know. One of the top trainers and behaviorists in the country, Sherry’s gentle spirit and devotion to animals is demonstrated every day of her life. She walks the talk [...]

Show #60 – Patricia Princehouse Pyrenean Shepherd Expert – Denise Fleck of with Pet Safety Reminders – National Dog Show Update – Dr. Patrick Mahaney With The Weekly Vet Topic “H1N1 is Spreading to Animals!”

Well once again with the technical switchboard issues. Not to worry! Everyone was nice enough to call back in for a special taping of the segments and Voila we have a great show! As we move forward we are going to be moving the switchboard from New York to Ohio to give us complete control [...]

Show #57 – Edward Grinnan Editor-In-Chief of Guideposts Magazine – Geauga Humane Society – National Dog Show Update – Dr. Patrick Mahaney With The Weekly Vet Topic!


Edward Grinnan Editor-in-Chief and VP of Guideposts (with Millie!)

Guideposts Magazine has been around longer than I have been alive and is an American Staple. I can remember seeing Guideposts sitting on the counter while growing up or on a table at my grandparents house! It was an honor to speak with [...]