August 2009
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Show #47 – Award Winning Author Barbara Techel and Frankie the Walk & Roll Dog – Art Show to Rescue Dogs Stark Co. Dog Pound – Dr. Donna Spector on an important Distasteful Topic!

Omission: Last week we had our good friend Charlotte Reed on the show and although We talked about her being the new spokesperson for Arm & Hammer Pet Based Products I forgot to place the link! Check out Charlotte Reed’s NEW GUIDE TO HAVING A FRESH PET HOME  ( at Arm & Hammer! OK on to this week’s show….


Barbara and Frankie visit Schools and Hospice facilities spreading their great message!

Barbara and Frankie visit Schools and Hospice facilities spreading their great message!

We were joined by a terrific lady Barbara Techel, the Award Winning Author of “Frankie the Walk & Roll Dog!” Barbara is a dear lady and she gives her heart to her little Dacshund Frankie, who at the age of 6 experienced a slipped disc. This is a common ailment for Doxies but is all too frequent the reason that they are “put down.” Barbara shares with us that this is no reason that dogs should be put down and that, with the aid of a little wheel chair, dogs can still have a great quality of life and live happy, fulfilling lives. You really have to hear this interview and check out Frankie and Barbara’s web site and book at 


Kakadu - Coming to the USA from Australia!

Kakadu - Coming to the USA from Australia!

I love Australia. I’ve never been there but know people who have and I have never heard one bad word about it! I will definitely have to take a trip there sometime but we don’t have to travel to Australia to get some of the great products coming from the “Land Down Under!” David Brown gave us a call ALL THE WAY FROM SYDNEY AUSTRALIA! Did you know it was tomorrow there when David called in yesterday! Figure that one out! David joined us to talk about a great new line of pet products coming to the USA from Down under. David talks about the similarities between Austrailian Pet owners and us American pet owners! They love their pets just as much as we do and want the best for them. We didn’t get to talk to David as much as we would have liked but did get a chance to get some good details on the products from Kakadu and life with pets in Australia. We will definitely have him back on the show again to talk further about Kakadu and pets in Australia! 



Right in the backyard of the My Buddy Butch Show! Adopt a great dog today!

Right in the backyard of the My Buddy Butch Show! Adopt a great dog today!

We have interviewed Rescue shelters from California to Florida to Maine and Michigan so I thought we would throw in another one from Ohio. My good friend and artist extraordinaire Janet Priborsky introduced me to Rose Hayne and Dana Muntean who drop by to talk about the upcoming Art Show to benefit the adoption of pets right here in our own back yard! Friends of the Pound here in Stark County Ohio is hosting an art show on September 10, 2009 to benefit the care, feeding and adoption of these great animals. They are working very hard to get deserving animals out of the pound and into great homes to ease the overcrowding problem that so many pounds across the country experience every day. If you are an artists and want to show, and possibly sell your art work at this art show please check out the web site for entry information! 



HALO Pet products are "all natural" and "provide the best in Holistic Pet Care!"

HALO Pet products are "all natural" and "provide the best in Holistic Pet Care!"

Dr. Donna dives into poop this week…and not by her own choice! It was me that led her down this messy and terribly distasteful path and I take full responsibility! After recieving a few emails and questions on puppy poop eating I thought I should bring it up on the show. This is a widely popular topic for new dog owners and their are varying opinions by vets and long time dog owners alike. Dr. Donna, being a research veterinarian and at the cutting edge of the latest developments in pet care gives us both scientific and practical reasons and some remedies for this topic. Dr. Donna gave us so much information that I added it to and additional Page to the blog titled “MBB BLOG EXTRAS” Look at the top of this page for the tab!



My Buddy Butch – Confessions of a New Dog Dad WILL be released on Ebook for your favorite reader including the popular KINDLE! Stay tuned for upcoming details!

RESCUE SHELTERS AROUND THE COUNTRY: Do you know of a reputable pet rescue shelter in your local area? Are you a Rescue Shelter your self? We would love to interview you on our Weekly Pet Rescue Shelter segment on the show and here on our blog! You can be big or small, breed specific or all breed, rescue dogs, and rescue other animals as well! Contact us at and put “RESCUE” in the subject line!

MBB RADIO SHOW TOPICS: Do you have a favorite celebrity pet owner? Do you have an important topic that you would like us to cover on the show? Do you have a question about your pet’s care that you would like to ask? Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!

PET OR ANIMAL SICKNESS IN YOUR PART OF THE COUNTRY: Are you a Veterinarian that has noticed a particular problem or sickness in animals and pets in your part of the country? Let us know about it and we can announce it and/or have you on the show to talk about it!

LOCAL FUNCTION HAPPENING IN YOUR AREA? We want to know about it and we will even announce it on the show! Email your announcement to us at



ART SHOW TO BENEFIT THE RESCUE OF ANIMALS HERE IN OHIO - Artist? Enter your work and make a few bucks!

PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME FESTIVITIES THIS WEEK IN OHIO! - Once again the Nation looks to our little berg Canton Ohio, for the Annual celebration of our nations favorite winter past time FOOTBALL!

TACO BELL Chihuahua passes away at 15 years old - She delighted millions of people! 

PIKES PEAK PET PANTRY IS HAVING A PET FOOD DRIVE! Please do what you can to help!


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