February 2023
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Listen to Jeff and Butch on internet talk radio

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Dottie of Pigs4ever.com on Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets, Holly Trevan of Dogswell on Nutrisca, Mike Arms of the Helen Woodward Animal Center on the Iams Home 4 The Holidays Campaign


George Clooney had a Pot Bellied Pig named Max!

Dottie from Pigs4ever.com joined us to talk about having a pot bellied pig as a pet. Now you might think this is funny but it is not as rare as it appears. Pot Bellied Pigs make great pets and [...]

This week Award Winning Author Jenny Pavlovic on her new book “Not Without My Dog!” Dr. Jo-Anne Dixon of the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley in Idaho and Dr. Patrick Mahaney catches us up on the H1N1 issue.

"8 State Hurricane Kate" and the New "Not Without My Dog"


Jenny Pavlovic was with us in the past to talk about her award winning book “8 State Kate” which was the story of a cattle dog that she rescued during her time spent helping the people and animals during the [...]

Show #81 – Author, Talk Show Host and Animal Communicator Joy Turner – Phil Blizzard Founder of “Thundershirt” – Dawn Smith President of Basset Rescue Network – Dr. Donna Spector with Vet Topic of the week!

Joy with (L-R) Logan, Venus, Mercury, Amira

Joy Turner was back with us back in October of 2008! Wow how time flies. She was nice enough to come on the show back then when we were a very new show and now she joins us again to talk about what she has been up to and [...]

Show #42 – My Buddy Butch – Pet Airways – Akita Rescue of Western New York – Dr. Donna Spector on Summer Time Troubles – Pet CPR Expert Denise Fleck of Sunnydogink.com

Hi all, We had so much to get in this week that we streched the show to 90 minutes! Great information on getting your pet around the USA safely from Pet Airways, in-depth information on the Akita breed and how to adopt, recognizing heat-stroke in your dog and a visit from our good friend Denise Fleck. [...]

My Buddy Butch Show #27 – WESTMINSTER Part 2

 OK the rest of the interviews from WESTMINSTER and congrats again to STUMP! This show ran over about 15 minutes so it really does make up for the 15 we lost last week! Great how it works out! 

Check out this week’s show for the rest of the Westminster interviews and also [...]